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Our mission at Legacy Sports Club is to provide athletes with the best opportunities—both on the field and in life.

Our sports programs are designed to encourage athletes of all ages to grow into strong players and exceptional leaders.

We’re committed to creating a positive experience for athletes and the community.

As a commitment to our community, athletes, and families, we’re in the process of:

Cleaning, repairing, and enhancing the buildings (including a new roof)

Improving the game field’s surface and subsurface drainage

Revitalizing the interior, lobbies, restrooms, and indoor game fields

Paving the parking lot

Partnering with new coaches and referees

Adding new programs

Left to right: David Sharp (Owner), Donte Wilburn (Owner), Trey Rohrman (Owner), and David Ungaro (General Manager)

As a group of people who come from sports families ourselves—we know how important quality facilities, dedicated coaches, and positive cultures are to our community.

Legacy Sports Club is passionate about mentoring, coaching, and advancing our youth—which is why we provide the convenience of working with professional coaches and staff in an elite complex where athletes can practice, train, and play all major sports.

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Have fun, build foundational skills, and enjoy solid competition in an elite sports complex!