Summer Soccer Training

Legacy Sports Club & FC Indiana Soccer Academy Summer Training will take place June-August providing players a fun and safe environment to learn how to apply the principles of proper techniques for each position.

Training is Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

To schedule your Summer Soccer Training please call: 765-420-0555


If you have any questions fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Age Groups:

World Cup (Ages 14-17)

MLS (Ages 11-13)

Future Stars (Ages 6-10)

Please use the information below to determine your players age group.

When determining the age group for a season, the year the season ends should be used for determining the birth year. Also note that the format “U followed by age” really means that age and younger. For example, U8 should be read as 8 and younger. For more age-group information please reference Birth Year and Season Matrix

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